Czink Walburg Danschke Lawyers
CWD Anwälte - Schwerpunkte

Specialist Areas

CWD, Gewerbliches Mietrecht und Pachtrecht

Commercial tenancy and lease law

Advice and representation of both landlords and tenants of business premises

  • Drafting of contracts including regulation of construction obligations
  • Clarification of contract terms and termination options
  • Advice on dealing with tenants or landlords in insolvency proceedings
  • Contract review and contract adjustments
  • Clarification of contract violations
  • Enforcement and defence of dismissals
  • Out‐of‐court and judicial representation of landlords and tenants
  • Expertise for business premises in shopping centres
  • Preparation of legal opinions
  • Accompaniment of acquisitions and sales/performance of due diligence

Residential tenancy law

Advice and counseling of property management companies in all tenancy law and real estate issues, including labour law, construction law and public law issues.

  • Drawing up rental agreements
  • Legal support of comprehensive refurbishment and modernisation projects, including energetic refurbishments with subsequent toleration and rent increase procedures
  • Clarification of contract violations, personal requirements and economic exploitation difficulties
  • Advice on repair of communal property
  • Advice, out‐of‐court and judicial representation of tenants and landlords Consulting and legal support for contracting projects
  • Advice and legal assistance with contracting projects
  • Clarification of situations of misappropriation and defence against interventions under housing supervisory law
  • Accompaniment in rent increase proceedings and clarification of the permissible rent levels

Residential property law

Representation and advice for condominiums administrators, condominium associations and condominiums owners, in particular

  • Representation in disputes of owner resolutions
  • Audit of annual accounts and business plans
  • Enforcement of housing benefit claims
  • Advice on repairs of community property
  • Advice on structural changes
  • Advice and representation in warranty situations, e. g. when buying from the developer
  • Representation of condominium owners and associations and in and out of court
  • Advice and representation of the administrator

Purchase contract law

  • Examination and drafting of real estate purchase contracts (houses, properties and condominiums)
  • Examination of material and legal defects
  • Evaluation of warranty exclusions
  • Assertion and defence of warranty claims and pre‐contractual claims for damages
  • Enforcement and defence of claims for the registration of rights in rem and reservations
  • Checking and enforcing pre‐emption rights

Neighbouring law

  • Representation in neighbourly disputes
  • Defense and enforcement of claims due to disturbances of ownership and possession (also in condominiums)
  • Support in disputes over easements and heritable building rights
  • Drawing up of neighbourhood agreements for buildings (e. g. façade insulation) and shortfalls in distance (e. g. construction of elevators, dormers, terraces)
  • Advice on neighbourhood‐spanning construction projects (so called "hammer and piping rights ")
  • Advice on conversion of attic storeys

Brokerage law

  • Contract review and drafting, also in connection with rental and purchase contracts
  • Enforcement and defence of claims on brokerage commission